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Down nozzle fuel injection

The fuel nozzles manufactured by us have the characteristics of good atomization effect and large atomization volume. In theory, the smaller the particle size of the oil, the more conducive to full combustion, and the atomization volume determines the upper limit of energy per unit time. 微信图片_20210809211126

The pressure fuel nozzle has the characteristics of easy installation. Since it only needs to be connected to the high-pressure fuel pump to work normally, the use of it in the fuel injection combustion system will greatly reduce the complexity of the system. Common methanol burners basically choose this nozzle. O1CN017Nue6G1dETb2BWf1J_!!4253743704

Another type of fuel nozzle is atomized by compressed air. Its advantage is that it has a very large spray volume and a higher heat conversion rate per unit time. However, it needs to be connected to compressed air for injection, so it In the workplace, it must be equipped with an air compressor. If the input of oxygen or hydrogen can be increased at the gas input end, it will be more conducive to the combustion effect.