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How to get more pressure from a pressure washer

The core components of a high-pressure cleaner are generally composed of a plunger pump structure. There are multiple ceramic columns or tungsten steel columns inside. The motor is connected by a crankshaft or an eccentric disk to convert the rotation The cylinder body is equipped with a single valve, and the circulation process of water inlet-pressurization-water outlet is formed by the push of the piston rod. In this cycle process.

If you want to increase the pressure of the water outlet, you need to rotate the pressure regulating valve. The pressure regulating valve presses the sealing column on the water outlet through an internal high-pressure spring. Open, discharge the high-pressure liquid, and keep the pressure in the cavity stable.

However, each water pump will have a rated pressure and a maximum pressure. We recommend that you use it within the rated pressure, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the pump parts and easily cause the motor to overheat, which will affect the pump life and even cause irreparable damage.

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