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High pressure tank cleaning nozzles

There are usually two types of high-pressure tank cleaning nozzles. The first is a fixed tank cleaning nozzle. It consists of a large main body part on which many full cone nozzles arranged in accordance with the rules are installed. The nozzles are directed at a set angle. Spray liquid around to clean the inside of the tank. Its advantage is that it can produce a uniformly covered spray surface. Due to the fixed structure, it is not easy to damage, and even if the small nozzle is damaged, it can be directly replaced. The disadvantage is that it is only It can clean smaller tanks. When the diameter of the tank is too much larger than the nozzle diameter, the impact of the spray will be weakened and the cleaning effect will decrease.

In order to cope with the cleaning needs of large-diameter tanks, we designed and developed a rotating jet cleaning nozzle. It is characterized by being able to generate a strong impact force and use the reaction force of the water impact to push the nozzle to rotate. When the nozzle rotates for a certain period of time, the tank The inner wall of the tank will be washed clean by the high-pressure liquid stream.

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