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Bug blaster spray nozzle for garden hose

In order to kill the mosquitoes in the garden, we have specially developed a spray insecticide system. In our system, you only need to mix the insecticide and water according to the proportion, and then use a pipe to connect our system to complete the spray insecticide. Our system can set the spray time, spray times, and pause spray time. The system will spray insects according to the set spray time. C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/Temp/picturecompress_20210809213027/output_1.jpgoutput_1

If you are worried that the insecticide may fail if mixed with water for a long time, we have designed another scheme to use our water hammer pump to pump the insecticide into the water tank proportionally. This kind of pump does not It needs extra energy. It uses the water pressure of the tap water as power to drive the water pump to operate, so that the pesticide is sucked from the bottle and sprayed into the mixing tank, so that it will not cause pesticide pollution. IMG_20201004_133330