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Rotary Nozzle sprinkler

The tank cleaning nozzle generally adopts a rotating structure, and the advantage of the rotating nozzle is that it only needs to pass a small flow to achieve a high impact force and cleaning area.

Let’s illustrate that there is a conveyor belt device that transports items from point A to point B. The nozzle is required to be installed between point A and point B to clean the items passing under the nozzle. In the traditional way, we will use flat fan nozzles. For example, it is necessary to arrange 20 flat fan nozzles to completely cover the entire conveyor belt, and the area covered by the jet is a straight line across the conveyor belt.

At this time, if we use a rotating nozzle, only 3 rotating nozzles can completely cover the entire conveyor belt. Because the rotating nozzle is moving, it can rotate around the nozzle installation axis, so that the spray surface becomes a ring. Objects passing under the nozzle will be cleaned twice.

We assume that two flat fan nozzles are installed on each rotating nozzle, so the solution using rotating nozzles only uses 6 flat fan nozzles. If their flow is the same as the traditional flat fan nozzle, then the impact force is unchanged. The flow rate is only 1/3-1/4 of the original, which greatly saves water consumption. In fact, this is exactly the plan we made for a sea sand cleaning company. Because they lack fresh water on the island, they only use Limited water resources can achieve super cleaning power, and this solution has been highly praised by them.