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Ultrasonic Nozzle

There are two types of ultrasonic atomization nozzles. The first is sprayed by mixing compressed air and liquid. An ultrasonic impact cap is installed at the front end of the nozzle. This part is connected by a small steel wire, and the sprayed mist will hit this part. On the upper side, the part will vibrate with high frequency, which will crush the atomized droplets and produce smaller particle sizes.We call this type of nozzle a multi-stage atomizing nozzle.

The other is to break up the liquid water molecules through the high-frequency resonance of the ceramic atomization sheet to produce a natural and elegant water mist, and then blow the water mist out of the atomization water tank through a fan.

The nozzle can produce droplets with a particle size of micrometers.Such a small droplet will not wet the object.Due to the surface tension of the water, the water mist will eject after hitting the object.