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Tank cleaning nozzle price

The fuel tank cleaning nozzle is also called the bottle and tank cleaning nozzle. It generally adopts the rotating cleaning mode, because the rotating cleaning nozzle can produce a larger impact force and can more easily remove the foreign matter attached to the inner wall of the fuel tank, thereby obtaining a more efficient cleaning experience.

The rotating tank cleaning nozzle cleverly uses the reaction force of the sprayed liquid to push the nozzle to rotate around the axis, so as to completely cover the entire spray surface.


Rotary fuel tank cleaning nozzles have many sizes and types. We need to quote according to your actual needs, but please rest assured that our product prices are the cheapest among the products in the same industry. This is because we have manufactured nozzles based on many years. Experience has improved the manufacturing process and we have used the remaining capacity of the factory to manufacture a large number of stock products, so we hope you can contact us at any time to get the lowest product quotation.