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Why nozzle clogged

There are generally two reasons for nozzle blockage, one is that the solid particles in the liquid are larger than the free flow size of the nozzle, and the second is that the nozzle is blocked due to the solidification of the liquid.

For the first reason, you first need to understand what is the substance that blocks the nozzle. If it is an impurity in the liquid, you only need to install the corresponding filters on the inlet and outlet pipes of the water pump. If the substance is clogging the nozzle, it is not acceptable. For filtered, such as solid mixtures, it is necessary to thoroughly grind the solids to be smaller than the unblocked size of the nozzle, or increase the unblocked size of the nozzle (increasing the unblocked size of the nozzle means that the flow rate of the nozzle increases, and the atomized particle size becomes larger).

If the cause of the nozzle clogging is caused by the solidification of the liquid, you need to understand the solidification conditions of the liquid. Make the liquid difficult to solidify. If it is other types of solidified liquids, please contact us, our engineers will analyze according to your actual use, and recommend the most suitable nozzle product for you.