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Cooling/Humidification Nozzle

There are many types of cooling/humidification nozzles, including high-pressure atomizing nozzles, low-pressure atomizing nozzles, and air atomizing nozzles.

The working principle of the high-pressure atomizing nozzle is to use a high-pressure water pump to pump liquid into the nozzle. A high-pressure spring and a sealing rubber ball are installed inside the nozzle. Its function is to prevent the nozzle from dripping. When the high-pressure liquid enters the nozzle, the spring will be pushed open. Then it enters the swirling chamber, where it forms a high-speed rotating liquid through the action of the swirling blades, and then sprays out from a small hole to crush the surrounding air to form a water mist.

The working principle of the low-pressure atomizing nozzle is similar to that of the high-pressure atomizing nozzle, except that it does not have an internal high-pressure spring, and its atomization amount will be slightly lower than that of the high-pressure nozzle. Its advantages are low price, low noise and safety.

The air atomizing nozzle participates in atomization through compressed air. There are two channels inside, one is liquid and the other is compressed gas. The two media will be mixed in the nozzle, and then use the high-speed fluidity of compressed air. The gas-liquid mixture is sprayed from the nozzle at high speed. Because of the great speed difference, very fine droplets will be formed. Some of our air atomizations have also designed a two-stage or even a three-stage atomization system to make the fog The droplet size is smaller and the size is more uniform. The air atomization nozzle must be used in an environment with compressed air, and its atomization volume is very large, so it does not need to be densely arranged.

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