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8 nozzle bar

Bar is the most commonly used pressure unit in the nozzle industry, 1bar=0.1Mpa. The normal working pressure of most nozzles manufactured by us is between 0.5ar-20bar, usually 30bar-100bar we call high pressure environment, and 100bar above is called UHV environment.

Under the pressure of 8bar, the general nozzle with small aperture will spray mist. In the low-pressure atomization system designed and manufactured by us, the pressure of 8bar-12bar is adopted. The reason for adopting this pressure range is because of the current low-cost pipelines. , The pressure resistance of joints and other parts is within 20bar, so all parts working under this pressure can maintain the best working condition. 未标题-1

The influence of the pressure in the spray system on the nozzle is very important, so the working pressure range needs to be determined at the beginning of the nozzle design. Only after the working pressure range of the entire spray system is determined, we can proceed to the next nozzle design work , Because the performance of the nozzle, spray angle, flow rate, impact force, spray shape and other parameters are all developed around the important parameter of working pressure.

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