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How do air atomizing nozzles work

The air atomizing nozzle is a nozzle that uses compressed gas as the atomizing power, so that the nozzle can spray mist.

There are two channels inside the air atomizing nozzle, one of which is a liquid channel and the other is a gas channel. They do not interfere with each other when entering the nozzle. When the liquid and gas flow to the set position, they will mix, and then flow at high speed. The compressed gas and liquid will be ejected from the nozzle. Because the ejection speed of the gas-liquid mixture is extremely fast, there will be a violent impact on the surrounding static air, which will break the liquid into droplets with a diameter of less than 50 microns, and then they will Spray out according to the set shape.

Air atomizing nozzle has the characteristics of large atomization volume, small spray particle size, uniform atomization particle size, and long spray distance. It is widely used in environmental cooling, dust removal, humidification, spray landscape and other fields. We are the manufacturer of air atomization nozzles. Manufacturers, we have excellent product quality and low product prices, you are welcome to contact us at any time.