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Nozzle boss

We not only provide you with a variety of nozzles, but also provide you with a wealth of nozzle accessories, such as spray pipes, spray joints, nozzle seats, valves, etc. You can complete one-stop shopping here, eliminating the need You have trouble finding suppliers.

There are various nozzle mounting bosses, some are directly welded to the header, some are drilled on the header, and then clamped by a buckle, and some are drilled on the header and then screwed to lock the mounting boss to the pipe. Above, there are different types of nozzle mounts according to different requirements. IMG_20210805_133320

In order to cope with the deviation of the nozzle spray direction, we designed and developed a ball connector. The connector is installed on the nozzle mounting boss, and then the nozzle is installed on the ball connector, so that the nozzle can be sprayed at any angle The adjustment is very convenient and simple. IMG_20210805_142727

We have a wealth of spray system accessories for you to choose from, please feel free to contact us for more technical information about nozzle bosses.