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Mist system for dog kennel

We have designed a kennel atomization system, which is specially used for disinfection and sterilization of kennels, cooling and humidification, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high safety, and low noise.

For the kennel atomization system, the first consideration is the noise problem. For this reason, we use our own ultra-quiet low-pressure water pump, which is very quiet when the pump is started. The second is the amount of atomization and the particle size. The system generally installs the spray device on the top of the room and sprays downwards. If the spray particle size is too small, then when the particle size has not fallen, it will evaporate in the air and cannot play the role of disinfection, so the dog we developed The house spray system can produce moderately sized droplets that fall on the ground, but will not easily wet the ground.

For the design of the kennel spray system, we have adopted an automatic spray mode, and a time control module is installed on the spray host, which can set the spray time and stop spraying time. In addition, we have set up an extension interface for the spray host, and you can install infrared Sensor module, so that the spray system will become a disinfection door. When an object passes through the spray area, it will automatically start spraying and automatically turn off the spray when leaving. Or you can install a temperature and humidity sensor to automatically spray by setting the temperature or humidity.

For more detailed information about the kennel atomization system, please feel free to contact us.