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Flat fan spray nozzle bunnings

The flat fan nozzle is a general term for a nozzle type, which includes many different nozzle structures, but the spray effect is similar, and the spray cross section is similar to a straight line.

We manufacture all kinds of flat fan nozzles, different shapes, different materials, and different working principles.

For example, a common flat fan nozzle, the spray direction is on the same axis as the nozzle thread. This nozzle is tangent to the outer V-shaped groove through the inner spherical hole, and the formed curved surface squeezes the liquid, and then ejects it from the nozzle hole. , So as to form a flat fan-shaped spray effect. This kind of nozzle is the most common, the most versatile, and the lowest price.

There are also narrow-angle flat fan nozzles and wide-angle flat fan nozzles, as well as plastic flat fan nozzles. If you need more information about flat fan nozzles, please feel free to contact us.