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Air nozzle 3/8

We are a professional nozzle manufacturer from China. The main products are industrial nozzles, agricultural nozzles, air nozzles, atomizing nozzles, etc. We have a large inventory of various types of nozzle products, you can contact us at any time.

Air nozzle is a type of industrial nozzle. Its main spray medium is compressed gas. It is often used in the fields of water removal, drying and dust blowing. It is an indispensable common part in industrial production. IMG_20210805_150348

The air nozzles manufactured by us have the characteristics of high shooting speed, strong impact force, low noise and low energy consumption, and have received unanimous praise from customers all over the world for many years. Our nozzles are of low price and excellent quality. We are the preferred nozzle manufacturer in the industrial production process. Please contact us.