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Hose and nozzle for pressure washer

We provide you with all the accessories of the high pressure washer, including hoses, nozzles, etc. You can contact us directly to get the lowest price of the accessories.

The nozzle of the high pressure washer is made of HSS material, which has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, wear resistance, more durability, good spray effect, uniform droplet distribution, strong impact, convenient disassembly, etc., which perfectly matches most brands of high pressure washer. 微信图片_20210802222005

We are a professional manufacturer of nozzles, with dozens of precision CNC machine tools and dozens of professional engineers. We are committed to solving all the problems encountered in spraying and spraying systems, and providing you with the best quality and cheapest nozzles. Products, if you want to know more about the nozzle of the high pressure washer, please feel free to contact us.