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Best spray nozzle for garden hose

For garden hose nozzles, we have designed two sets of solutions. The first one is the most used, the trigger spray shower, which can spray even water mist, and our nozzles can also freely switch the spray shape, the most important is It doesn’t need an additional water pump, it only needs to be connected to tap water. It is your best choice for watering flowers, irrigating lawns and washing cars. TB2E0lUoZyYBuNkSnfoXXcWgVXa_!!3544448063

In addition, we provide a complete spray system for you to choose from. This system includes nozzles, connection joints, hoses, host and so on. Among them, the most important main engine is equipped with a silent low-pressure spray pump, which can generate a pressure of 8bar to provide atomization power for the nozzle. A time control module is installed in the host, and you can set the spray time and stop time. And for more usage scenarios, we reserve an expansion interface on the host. In the future, you can connect infrared sensors, temperature sensors or humidity sensors to achieve more spray functions. 1_17

If you want to know more about garden hose nozzles, please feel free to contact us.