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Lawn Sprayer nozzles

The lawn sprayer nozzle system we designed and developed has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low noise, large spray volume, and low price. It is the best choice for the beauty of artificial fog in your garden lawn.

Our lawn spray system consists of a host, spray pipes, joints, and nozzles. The host has a built-in time control module. You can set the spray time according to your desire. It will spray or stop spraying according to the time you set. In addition, the host has additional accessory interfaces, you can connect various sensors, for example, infrared sensors can achieve spray when people pass by, and no spray when no one. The temperature sensor can achieve spray when the temperature is higher than the set value, low When the set value is not sprayed, the humidity sensor sprays when the humidity is lower than the set value, and stops spraying when the humidity is higher than the set value.

This sprayer system can be used in artificial fog landscapes, animal husbandry breeding disinfection, public places spray cooling and other fields. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.