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Wide angle fan nozzle

The nozzle structure of the wide-angle fan nozzle is different from the conventional flat fan nozzle. It uses a circular hole to spray the liquid onto the nozzle’s guide surface, and the liquid spreads along the guide surface to form a flat fan-shaped spray shape. The important part is the diversion surface, which has high manufacturing requirements. First, the diversion surface must be flat without unevenness, and as smooth as possible, so as not to generate additional friction on the liquid flowing through it. Secondly, the diversion surface The shape must conform to the structure of fluid mechanics, otherwise the spray surface will not be able to maintain a uniform and regular shape.

The wide-angle fan nozzles designed and manufactured by us have the characteristics of strong impact and uniform spray, which are ideal for cleaning nozzles. If you want to know more technical information about wide-angle fan nozzles, please feel free to contact us.