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consider steady flow of water through an axisymmetric garden hose nozzle

In the process of manufacturing nozzles, the last thing we want to hear is turbulence, because most of the turbulence is uncontrolled, which will affect the spraying effect of our nozzles. In many years of confrontation with turbulence, we have summarized a set of effective solutions to turbulence. First of all, the most effective is to install turbulence blades inside the nozzle or on the nozzle mounting seat, which can solve the turbulence phenomenon very effectively. 4_0002

Turbulence is generally caused by the irregular flow of liquid in the pipeline, especially at the junctions of elbows, tee, etc. If conditions permit, the best way is to install the nozzle away from the bend, as much as possible Let the liquid flow straight, so that it is easier to get laminar flow. If the installation conditions do not permit, you can also use our anti-turbulence nozzle or anti-turbulence nozzle base. 稳流器