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Spray nozzle for garden hose home hardware

The nozzles used for garden hoses and household hardware generally spray in a divergent cone shape, and the efficiency of watering and irrigation is higher, and the spraying is more uniform. We manufacture many types of garden hose nozzles, and the sales have always been very good. TB2Xs.XX4PI8KJjSspoXXX6MFXa_!!3220994822

The characteristic of this nozzle is that it does not require high pressure. You can directly connect the hose to the faucet to achieve the spray effect. The inside of the nozzle is made of high-quality materials, which is more durable and not easy to damage. TB2E0lUoZyYBuNkSnfoXXcWgVXa_!!3544448063

Our nozzles are all ergonomic in design, and they are very comfortable to hold and will not have a feeling of pressure. This nozzle is also a good choice for car washing.