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Modern technology spray pump

Different from other application water pumps, spray pumps have precise requirements for pump head and flow. Different nozzles are suitable for choosing spray pumps with different parameters. The low-pressure atomization pump designed and manufactured by us adopts the principle of diaphragm pump, and uses the eccentric shaft of the water pump to drive the piston mechanism to pump the liquid to the nozzle. 微信图片_2020081108292613

The spray pump is characterized by low noise, even if it is installed in the home, it will not feel its operation. Its small body has a high pressure, the normal working pressure is about 8bar, and the highest can reach 13bar. We designed and manufactured a low-pressure spray system according to its characteristics, integrating the water pump and the control system in a box. C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/Temp/picturecompress_20210730205116/output_1.pngoutput_1