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Plastic Spray Nozzle manufacturers

There are usually two ways to manufacture plastic nozzles. The first is to use plastic rods to process nozzle parts on a machine tool. This is suitable for small batches of precision nozzle manufacturing. The plastic materials that can be processed are ABS, POM, PP, Teflon, PVDF, PEEK, etc., the manufacturing precision of this process is high, and it is not easy to shrink and deform. 微信图片_20210729213750

Another process is to press the plastic material into a shape on an injection molding machine through an injection mold. Its working principle is to melt the plastic particles into a liquid state at high temperature, then squeeze the liquid into the mold, immediately cool it with circulating water, and then open the mold to get a complete nozzle or accessory. This process is suitable for mass production of certain nozzles. 微信图片_20210729214727

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