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ChinaAir nozzle Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of air nozzles in China. Air nozzles generally use compressed air as the spray medium. The purpose of the air nozzle is to remove dust or water stains on the surface of the object, mainly relying on the blowing force.

For air nozzles, the three most important indicators are blowing power, air consumption, and noise level. The blowing power is the basic parameter for removing dust or water stains. In theory, the greater the blowing force, the faster the blowing speed, and the cleaning effect. The better. Air consumption is related to energy. Under the premise of the same blowing force, the smaller the air consumption, the more energy will be saved. Finally, the noise level, the blowing force and the air consumption are both equal. Nozzle, it is necessary to compare the noise value.Theoretically, the lower the noise, the better the quality of the nozzle.

Our air nozzles will be simulated and tested by CFD software at the beginning of the design, in order to obtain the perfect balance between blowing force, air consumption and noise.

Since we are an air nozzle manufacturer, our products are very cost-effective. The same quality is better than the price, and the same price is better than the quality. Choose us and let us achieve a win-win situation.