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Nozzles car wash

The flat fan nozzles we manufacture have a wide range of applications in the car wash industry, which can produce strong impact and are very helpful for stain removal.

Car wash pumps generally use a high-pressure plunger pump structure, so the nozzles cannot be made of ordinary stainless steel.The core components of our nozzles are made of HSS, which has super wear resistance.

We generally recommend the use of quick-plug nozzles for manual household car washes, which can adapt to most high-pressure cleaners on the market, and are easy to install and disassemble.

For automatic car washing machines, we generally recommend the use of threaded flat fan nozzles, because this connection does not require frequent adjustments to the spray direction.

The technical requirements of car wash nozzles are that they must have a large impact, uniform spraying force, and good wear resistance of the nozzle. We have various specifications and models of car wash nozzles. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.