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Mist system pump

The mist system pump has a great influence on the atomization system. The technical parameters of the mist system pump are directly related to whether the nozzle can work in the most suitable state. Our company has low-pressure mist system pumps, medium-pressure mist system pumps, high-pressure mist system pumps, and ultra-high-pressure mist system pumps. Among them, low pressure generally refers to 3-10 bar, medium pressure refers to 11-40 bar, high pressure refers to 41-80 bar, and ultra high pressure refers to 81-200 bar. 微信图片_2020081108321013

The low-pressure pump we use is a diaphragm pump. The high-quality rubber material makes the pump have a long service life, and the high-quality bearings make the noise of the pump very small. 原理展示0842

Medium-pressure, high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure mist system pumps generally adopt plunger pump structure. The precision ceramic plunger has strong wear resistance. Our mist system pumps are in excellent working condition. Please feel free to contact us for more information.