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0 degree nozzle

The 0-degree nozzle means that the liquid ejected is a straight cylindrical line. It is the nozzle type with the largest impact among all nozzles. Due to its special structure, all the liquid ejected from the 0-degree nozzle is concentrated in At one point, it can form a huge impact, but this will sacrifice the coverage of the nozzle.

It seems that the 0-degree nozzle is the simplest manufacturing process of all nozzles, but it is actually not the case, because some dimensional changes in other nozzles will not have a great impact on the spray effect, but if the manufacturing of the 0-degree nozzle is not as required Strict implementation will have a huge impact on the spray effect.

The most influential factor for the nozzle is the liquid resistance inside the nozzle, that is, the smoothness of the inner wall of the nozzle. If the inner wall is too rough, or the internal structure does not conform to fluid mechanics, the impact of the liquid jet will be greatly reduced, which may be seen with the eyes It doesn’t come out, but it can be accurately measured with equipment.