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Rectangular pattern sprinkler heads

The rectangular pattern nozzle, as the name implies, refers to a series of nozzles with a rectangular spray cross section.

The inside of the general full cone nozzle is a swirling blade structure, which can make the sprayed liquid have a high-speed rotation force. When the liquid leaves the nozzle, the centrifugal force spreads out, thus forming a conical spray cross section. .

But the rectangular nozzle is in the shape of a pyramid, so we designed a special shape of the opening at the nozzle to make the liquid produce unequal spray directions when leaving the nozzle, so that the sprayed droplets are combined into a square spray cross-sectional pattern.

This type of nozzle is generally used for precise spraying in a square container. Its advantage is that the spray coverage area is easy to control, and there is basically no cross spray or spray outside the container.

We have a variety of rectangular nozzle designs, you can contact us at any time to obtain relevant information.