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RCN water-saving rotary cleaning nozzle


Product name: RCN water-saving rotary cleaning nozzle

Material: Stainless steel

Installation method: Threaded connection

Thread size: 1/2-2 inch BSPT or NPT

Features: The RCN rotary nozzle designed and developed by Hongfeng Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of water saving and strong impact. The whole is made of stainless steel, and two stainless steel bearings are used inside, which makes the rotation stable.

On the conveyor belt, if a fixed fan nozzle is used, a lot of water will be consumed, and if the RCN series nozzle is used, it will consume very little water without reducing the impact force, thereby saving energy.

The nozzle is often used in sea sand cleaning, coal cleaning and other fields. We have rich experience and a large number of successful cases.

RCN series nozzles are customized products. You need to provide your use scene size, pump parameters, etc. Our professional team of engineers will design the most suitable solution for you.

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