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JTDP Embedded Universal Joint Nozzle


Product name: JTDP Embedded Universal Joint Nozzle

Material: brass, stainless steel, plastic

Installation method: Embedded installation

Embedding diameter: 12mm,14mm,15mm,16mm

Features: The characteristic of the embedded universal joint nozzle is that the base is made of plastic, has a certain amount of deformation, and can be embedded in a hole of a suitable size. The advantage is that it has good adaptability for installation in a narrow space, and only the nozzle is exposed after installation. section. This series of nozzles support customization, please feel free to contact us.

Parameters Table

Part No. Installation diameter “B”(mm) Orifice Dia”D”(mm) Extension”L”(mm) Base length “L1”
镶嵌直喷 JTDP-16-5 16 4 5 11
JTDP-16-10 10
JTDP-16-30 30
JTDP-16-50 50
JTDP-15-5 15 5 8
JTDP-15-10 10
JTDP-15-30 30
JTDP-15-50 50
JTDP-14-8 14 3 8
JTDP-14-19 19
JTDP-12-6 12 2 6
JTDP-12-36 36