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H1/4U-SS2520 nozzle

H1/4U-SS2520 flat fan nozzle has strong impact force and moderate spray flow. At 3bar pressure, the spray angle of H1/4U-SS2520 nozzle is 25 degrees and the flow is 7.9L/min, which makes it often It is installed above the conveyor belt to clean the surface of the products moving on the conveyor belt. The strong impact force allows it to easily remove foreign matter such as oil on the surface of the product and the groove, with high cleaning efficiency and energy saving.

Regarding the nozzle connection method, material, spray angle, spray flow rate, etc., we can customize it according to your actual requirements. At the same time, our professional engineer team will also assist you in completing all the problems from spray system design to nozzle use. You are welcome to contact us at any time.