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H1/4U-SS4020 nozzle

The H1/4U-SS4020 flat fan nozzle has a strong impact force. This is because the nozzle has a simple internal structure and does not have too many turbulence devices, so the nozzle produces not much turbulence, and the pressure of the water pump can be as much as possible. Converted into droplet kinetic energy, fully released.

The H1/4U-SS4020 nozzle has a spray angle of 40 degrees at a pressure of 3bar and a flow rate of 7.8L/min. The H1/4U-SS4020 general flat fan nozzle has the widest application range among all nozzle categories, so this is also our most popular One of the good nozzles.

We will use the remaining capacity of the equipment to manufacture a large inventory of general-purpose nozzles, which further reduces the price of our nozzles, and mass production is more beneficial to quality control. You are welcome to contact us at any time.