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H1/4U-SS5070 nozzle

H1/4U-SS5070 large flow flat fan nozzle can produce super strong impact force. This nozzle is suitable for high pressure washing on the surface of hard objects, such as coal cleaning, metal parts surface cleaning, etc. The super impact force cleaning efficiency is very high , It can easily remove the residual chemicals, stains, oil stains, etc. on the surface of the object.

The spray angle of H1/4U-SS5070 nozzle is 50 degrees at 3bar pressure, and the flow rate is 28L/min. This means that driving it requires a large flow water supply system. Regarding the choice of water supply pump, our engineers will provide you with free consulting services . Our H1/4U-SS5070 nozzle has the characteristics of large impact, accurate flow and low price. You are welcome to contact us at any time.