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Nozzle design for laminar flow

In the flow of liquid, there are two forms, laminar flow and turbulent flow. In the design and use of nozzles, we often use laminar flow or turbulent flow to achieve a specific function.

For the design of nozzles, in most cases we want to obtain laminar jet effects. Laminar flow means that the jet shape is controllable and the flow rate is stable, which is very important for many nozzles. The liquid flowing in the pipe is often in turbulent flow. State, this is caused by the inner wall of the pipeline being not smooth enough, or there are too many pipe joints, uncontrollable turbulence is often formed at the pipe joints, which interferes with the normal spray of the nozzle and affects the spray effect.

The solution to turbulence is to let the liquid pass through a straight and long pipe before it flows to the nozzle, which can reduce the generation of turbulence, but this will make the installation position of the nozzle far away from the main pipe system, causing the spray system to take up a lot of Space, and also accompanied by other problems.

After long-term research on this, we have designed a device such as a flow stabilizer.It contains several straight channels inside.When the liquid enters the flow stabilizer, due to the blockage of the walls of each channel, the generation of turbulence is minimized.

The stabilizers we design and manufacture have a variety of shapes and sizes, you can contact us at any time to get more product technical information or the lowest product quotation.