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Nozzle questions

There are many types of nozzles and a wide range of applications. This leads to the professionalism of nozzle products. If you have not studied systematically, you will have many questions about nozzles. Today I will answer some common questions about nozzles.

1.Q: What kind of nozzle is the most durable?

Answer: The material of the nozzle has an important influence on the service life of the nozzle, but the choice of the nozzle material should be determined according to your actual use environment. For example, when spraying high-temperature liquid, you must first exclude the plastic material. If it is used in a high-pressure environment, then The nozzle needs to be made of hard materials to be more resistant to wear. If you need to spray a strongly corrosive solution, then you need to use corrosion-resistant materials. If the nozzle is used in the food or pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, you need to be made of food-grade materials.

2.Q: What nozzle shape should I choose?

Answer: According to your actual needs, choose different spray shapes. For example, if you need to wash the products on the conveyor belt, then we recommend you to use flat fan nozzles. If you need to isolate the toxic particles discharged from the chimney, then we recommend you to use hollow Cone nozzle, if you want to do rain test on large equipment, we recommend you to use full cone nozzle.

3. Q: What size spray particle diameter is suitable for me?

Answer: The choice of spray particle diameter of the nozzle is closely related to the working environment and spray effect of the nozzle. For example, if you need to use an atomizing nozzle to suppress dust particles floating in the air, then you cannot choose too small a spray particle diameter, because it will cause fog. Drop particles cannot absorb dust particles, so the effect of dust suppression cannot be achieved. We found through experiments that when the droplet particle diameter is 1 to 5 times larger than the dust particle diameter, the dust suppression effect is the best.

4. Q: How to arrange the nozzles to get the best coverage effect?

Answer: Regarding the nozzle arrangement, you need to tell us the nozzle installation height and the ideal spray coverage size. Our engineers will assist you to complete the nozzle arrangement design work.

5. Q: Does your nozzle product support customization?

Answer: We are a nozzle manufacturing factory. We can customize nozzle products according to your actual requirements. Our professional engineers can design special nozzles for you free of charge according to your actual requirements. And complete batch manufacturing.

The above are some frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have other questions about nozzle design, nozzle selection, and nozzle use, please feel free to contact us.