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Flat fan water spray nozzles

The flat fan nozzle is the most common type of nozzle. Due to its special structure, it has a strong impact force and a wider coverage area. However, because its coverage area is similar to a straight line shape, it is suitable for use in sprayed objects and In an environment where the nozzles move with each other, such as washing products on a conveyor belt, or performing waterproof tests on products, etc.


The spray cross section of the general-purpose flat fan nozzle presents an olive-like shape, which is caused by its manufacturing process. When the nozzle is installed and arranged, the distance between the two nozzles needs to be calculated to control the overlap coverage of the nozzles. The spray system can achieve the most uniform coverage. Regarding the nozzle installation calculation, you can contact us, and our professional engineers will assist you to complete this work for free.