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Which nozzle to wash car

Car washing nozzles are divided into household high-pressure car washing machine nozzles and commercial automatic car washing machine nozzles. Household car washing machine nozzles have a smaller flow rate. This is because household car washing machines usually do not choose large flow pump heads in order to save manufacturing costs, so if you buy The flow rate of the nozzle of the car washing machine is greater than the rated flow of the car washing machine, which will cause a pressure drop and affect the car washing effect. The small flow nozzle we developed for the car washing machine is suitable for ordinary household car washing machines, saving water and ensuring the impact of car washing It has the function of quick installation and disassembly.

Commercial automated car washing machines need to choose nozzles with larger flow rates, because the nozzles with large flow rates are more efficient in cleaning. The nozzles of our car washing machines are made of hardened stainless steel, which is resistant to high pressure, abrasion and has good impact. , Can quickly rinse off the stains remaining on the surface of the car.

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