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Spray nozzle tip selection

Our TPU nozzle adopts the form of a combined nozzle, which has a nozzle base, a nozzle cap and a nozzle head. The nozzle base is connected to the spray pipe. Generally, male thread or female thread is used. The thread specification can be customized according to your requirements. The nozzle cap is an accessory that tightly presses the nozzle head on the nozzle seat, and it is generally hexagonal.


The nozzle head is the key to controlling the spray angle and spray flow. You can choose and replace the nozzle head according to your own requirements. The biggest advantage of the nozzle of this structure is that by loosening the nozzle nut, the spray direction of the nozzle head can be adjusted freely, so as to better control the coverage of the nozzle.

Our engineers will recommend a universal nozzle head suitable for you according to your specific requirements. If the universal nozzle head cannot meet your requirements, we will specially design a nozzle suitable for your use and manufacture it for you. You are welcome to contact us at any time.