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Microfog low pressure atomizing nozzle

The micro-mist low-pressure nozzle has two working modes. The first is the nozzle that is atomized by compressed air. Because this nozzle is often used as the nozzle of the aroma diffuser, it is also called the perfume nozzle. It can produce a very small diameter mist. The drop is usually below 5 microns, and it only needs a small air pump to provide power, so its purchase and use cost is extremely low.


Another low-pressure atomization nozzle uses a water pump as the power of the nozzle to work. It can produce droplets with a smaller diameter under a pressure of less than 10bar. Since the diameter of the spray hole is usually less than 0.5mm, the droplet diameter is about 20 microns. -50 microns. Due to the wide range of applications of this nozzle, we have made a large amount of inventory, so its price is very low. The single-section low-pressure atomizing nozzle usually costs about 0.5 US dollars. It is generally connected by thread, the specification is 10-24UNC thread, or the quick-plug connection structure, with the quick-plug connector, the nozzle can be quickly installed and disassembled.


If you want to know more about the technical information of the micro-mist low-pressure atomizing nozzle, or get the lowest product quotation, please feel free to contact us.