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Mist system for greenhouse

The greenhouse spray system, also called the greenhouse automatic humidification system, is mainly used in various greenhouses. Its working principle is to use a water pump to pressurize the water and deliver it to the nozzle part through a high-pressure resistant pipeline for atomization to form the effect of morning mist. , Create a good and fresh air, the fog drops quickly evaporate, so as to increase the air humidity, reduce the ambient temperature and remove dust and other functions. In addition to the functions of cooling, humidifying, and dust removal, the system for greenhouses also has many purposes such as pesticide spraying, disinfection, and cleaning.

The greenhouse automatic spray system designed and manufactured by us has the function of automatic spraying. Various sensor devices can be installed on the host to control the startup or shutdown of the spray system through environmental temperature, humidity, etc., to realize automatic unmanned control.

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