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Nozzle spray angle and coverage calculations

When installing the nozzle, it is necessary to consider the spray coverage. In order to achieve the best spray effect, only after careful calculation can the reasonable installation distance of the nozzle be obtained.

Different nozzles have different spray shapes, different spray angles, and different coverage calculations, so we first need to confirm the purpose of the nozzle. For example, the nozzle is used to clean the oil on the surface of the parts on the conveyor belt, then the nozzle needs to have a certain impact The nozzle is installed above the conveyor belt, so it is most appropriate to choose a flat fan nozzle. The characteristic of the flat fan nozzle is that the smaller the spray angle, the stronger the impact force. Conversely, the larger the spray angle, the weaker the impact force. If you do not need a particularly strong impact force, then choosing a medium-angle or large-angle nozzle is the most suitable. Once the spray angle is determined, we also need to determine the installation height of the nozzle. The higher the installation height of the nozzle, the smaller the impact force. The larger the nozzle coverage area, when the nozzle installation height is determined, the nozzle arrangement can be calculated.

This is a very complicated process, so I hope that our company’s professional engineers can solve it for you. You can tell us the spray effect you need, the parameters of the pumping station and other information, and we will recommend a suitable one for you according to your requirements. And design the nozzle arrangement scheme for you.