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Nozzle to clean gutters

For the cleaning of drainage grooves, high-pressure flat fan nozzles are generally used. The liquid sprayed by this nozzle has a strong impact and can easily remove stains on the surface of the object. This nozzle is generally made of hard materials and can withstand high pressure. Wear-resistant, and the nozzle has a long service life.

If the drainage channel is a pipe type and is buried deep underground, then the flat fan nozzle will no longer be applicable, it can only spray the surface of the object, but cannot flush the inside of the pipe.

In this regard, you can use our pipeline flushing nozzle, which uses the principle of reverse injection, and uses the reaction force formed by the high pressure during the injection to push the nozzle forward, and the sludge and other foreign objects on the way will be cleaned and cleaned by high pressure. The pipeline is very efficient.

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