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Nozzle inserts

There are many ways to install the nozzle. We can provide you with various conventional installation components, such as the nozzle installation of the stainless steel header. There are three common ways.

The first is to drill holes in the appropriate position of the stainless steel header, and then install our split hole connector on the pipeline.The advantage of this installation method is that it eliminates the need for welding and does not require high technical requirements.

The second method is to install the straight-through joint on the pipe by welding.We will provide you with an arc-shaped joint with the same diameter as the pipe.After you drill the pipe, you can weld the joint to the pipe.

The third mode is to cut the pipe according to the size of the nozzle arrangement, then process the threads at both ends of the pipe, install the three-way joint on the pipe, and then install the nozzle.

Any installation method is for the smooth installation of nozzles and components, and you can choose the installation method according to your actual situation.