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Car nozzle cleaning

For car cleaning, the most suitable spray shape is a flat fan nozzle, because the impact of this nozzle is very strong. When the car is washed, the relative position of the nozzle and the vehicle is moved, which makes up for the problem of the small coverage of the flat fan nozzle. The nozzle of the car washer manufactured by us adopts a quick-release buckle structure, which is convenient for installation and disassembly. Compatible with most household high-pressure car washing machines.


This nozzle adopts the nozzle orifice made of HSS material, which can withstand high pressure and wear.

For the nozzle of the automatic car washing machine, the standard inch thread or the American thread connection is adopted, and the spray angle can be selected or customized. You are welcome to contact us at any time to get the best product prices.