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Full cone no-drip misting nozzle

The full-cone non-drip atomizing nozzle can prevent the nozzle from dripping.Dripping means that the pressure in the pipeline will not disappear instantly after the water pump is turned off, but the liquid will slowly drip from the nozzle of the nozzle until the internal and external pressures are balanced. Since the water pump is no longer pressurized at this time, it will not spray mist, but will condense the water into a ball and then drip.

In order to solve this problem, we installed a high-pressure spring inside the nozzle. A rubber ball is installed on the top of the spring. This ball will block the water inlet of the nozzle under the pressure of the spring. Only when the pressure exceeds the spring When the pressure is high, the rubber ball will be ejected and sprayed normally. When the water pump is turned off, the pressure in the pipe will drop below the spring pressure, so the nozzle will stop spraying immediately, and no water droplets will drip from the nozzle hole. .

This nozzle is suitable for use in an environment with a large pressure difference. This is determined by the sensitivity of the spring. Because the process of compression of the spring is linear and cannot be changed by a cliff, we have designed this phenomenon again. Developed another drip-proof nozzle.

The feature of this kind of anti-drip nozzle is that it does not require a high-pressure environment and a large pressure difference to prevent the nozzle from dripping. Its working principle is to control the up and down movement of the valve needle inside the nozzle through a cylinder or a solenoid valve. When the needle moves to the bottom, it will block the water inlet to achieve pressure balance and prevent the nozzle from dripping. When the valve needle is pushed to the top by compressed air or solenoid valve, the pipeline is unblocked and the spray starts.

Using the high sensitivity of the nozzle, application effects such as pulse spray can be achieved, and even we can control the flow rate of the nozzle by changing the frequency of the valve needle movement, instead of the traditional nozzle, the flow rate of the nozzle can only be adjusted by pressure.

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