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Nozzle flow

The nozzle flow rate is an important parameter in the nozzle manufacturing process. It refers to the volume of liquid or gas ejected from the nozzle per unit time under a fixed pressure, generally expressed in liters/minute or gallons/minute. Knowing the flow rate of the nozzle can produce a nozzle that meets the design standards.

The flow rate of the nozzle is closely related to the pressure. For the same nozzle, the greater the system pressure, the greater the nozzle flow rate. If the sprayed object is the same medium, then we can calculate the nozzle flow rate by the following formula:


Qx=target flow

Q1=known flow

F2=target pressure

F1=known pressure

A nozzle with a large flow rate tends to have a stronger impact force, while a nozzle with a small flow rate is closer to the mist state.


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