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The best quality Eductor Nozzles

Eductor nozzle, also called mixed flow nozzle, is designed according to Bernoulli principle. In the fluid system, the higher the flow rate, the lower the pressure. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, we have developed various mixed flow mixing nozzles. Its function is to replace the traditional The stirring method of mechanical rotation, thereby obtaining a more efficient and safer liquid stirring.

When in use, the main pipe is installed at the bottom of the mixing tank, and then the Eductor nozzle is installed at a certain distance. Finally, the objects to be mixed are poured into the tank and the liquid pump is turned on. The nozzle can automatically complete the mixing of various media.


In the initial stage of designing the Eductor nozzle, we will use CFD software to analyze the 3D model in order to obtain the best mixing effect. The streamlined internal structure makes the liquid flow more smoothly across the nozzle surface, which also makes our Eductor nozzle more efficient.


The Eductor nozzles made by us have very good quality, which comes from our rich nozzle design and manufacturing experience and strict quality control. If you want to know more about the Eductor nozzle technical information, and get the best product prices, Please feel free to contact us.