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Fog nozzle

There are many types of mist nozzles, including high-pressure atomization nozzles, low-pressure atomization nozzles, air atomization nozzles, ultrasonic atomization nozzles, etc. According to the working principle, there are internal swirl atomization nozzles, impingement atomization nozzles, and compressed gas. Atomizing nozzles, etc. There can also be application scene classification, nozzle material classification, atomized particle classification, etc. For people who do not know nozzles, this is very complicated, so you often feel at a loss when you buy nozzles. Choose the wrong nozzle type and cause irreparable losses.

In response to this situation, our solution is to contact us when you don’t know what type and model of nozzle to choose. Our professional engineers will recommend general-purpose nozzles for you according to your requirements. General-purpose nozzles cannot be satisfied, our engineers can also design special nozzles for you to meet your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.