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0 8 mm nozzle

The 0.8mm nozzle can just produce the atomization effect. The nozzle hole of the general nozzle larger than 1.0mm can only be called spray but not spray. Because the hole diameter is too large, the liquid flow will increase, which will form raindrops instead of water mist.

Our 0.8mm nozzle is generally used for dust suppression and dust removal. Because its spray particle size is larger than that of a small aperture nozzle, its droplets will generally have more impact and will not be easily dispersed by the environmental wind.

For example, the nozzle in the above picture has a nozzle hole diameter of only 0.3mm, and a slight wave of air can blow the mist away, which is not conducive to dust suppression, because it will float in the air along with the dust.

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