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4 nozzle water broom

The high-pressure water broom designed and manufactured by us has the characteristics of flexible steering, lightness, large jet impact, large coverage, large quantity and preferential treatment, please feel free to contact us for consultation.

There are two types of brooms made by us. Among them, aluminum alloy materials are processed from aluminum alloy profiles. They are divided into ground cleaning water brooms and chassis cleaning water brooms. The two types cannot be used in common.

We designed a universal broom for the different cleaning angles. The main body is made of stainless steel tube, which can freely switch the spray angle.

These two types of brooms are equipped with high-pressure flat fan nozzles. The nozzles are made of HSS material, which can withstand high pressure, wear and tear, and the product has a longer service life.

At the same time, we can customize this product for you and design it according to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us to get the best price.